ADG Aircraft Management services involve upholding and updating, on a daily basis, the continuous airworthiness condition of the owners or operator’s aircraft fleet in accordance with EASA Part-CAMO regulations and within the scope of ADG´s CAMO approval.

Part of this service is developing and maintaining the aircraft maintenance programs together with all associated task cards, scheduling of all planned activities, and offering a complete engineering support package which is tailor made to meet the customer’s needs. Our team of professional, highly qualified engineers have extensive experience in reviewing, preparing, planning, scheduling and executing all aircraft mandatory tasks and modifications, while ensuring full compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations and the requirements of relevant agencies, local authorities and operator’s instructions.

We specialise in providing full planning coverage by using our own aircraft planning and maintenance information system, which allows us to effectively manage and maintain the aircraft’s continuous airworthiness record system. Our information system also allows us to monitor the effectiveness of the maintenance and reliability programs which are the most essential tools used by us to accurately determine the efficiency of each operation. In doing so, we continually strive to reduce maintenance downtime and operating costs while maintaining the aircraft to the highest industry and aviation authority standards. Our experts also provide assistance to operators in planning and executing corrective actions as a result of non-conformities arising from internal or external quality audits.

ADG also has extensive experience and can provide assistance in the technical processes related to aircrafts entering or leaving the operator’s fleet.

EASA - APPROVAL NO. IS.CAMO.041 CAACI - APPROVAL no. 123-CAY-CAMO-2023 2-reg - approval no. 2-reg.39-78