Aircraft Management (CAMO)

ADG Aircraft Management services involve upholding and updating, on a daily basis, the continuous airworthiness condition of the owners or operator’s aircraft fleet in accordance with EASA Part-CAMO regulations and within the scope of ADG´s CAMO approval.

Part of this service is developing and maintaining the aircraft maintenance programs together with all associated task cards, scheduling of all planned activities, and offering a complete engineering support package which is tailor made to meet the customer’s needs. Our team of professional, highly qualified engineers have extensive experience in reviewing, preparing, planning, scheduling and executing all aircraft mandatory tasks and modifications, while ensuring full compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations and the requirements of relevant agencies, local authorities and operator’s instructions

We specialise in providing full planning coverage by using our own aircraft planning and maintenance information system, which allows us to effectively manage and maintain the aircraft’s continuous airworthiness record system. Our information system also allows us to monitor the effectiveness of the maintenance and reliability programs which are the most essential tools used by us to accurately determine the efficiency of each operation. In doing so, we continually strive to reduce maintenance downtime and operating costs while maintaining the aircraft to the highest industry and aviation authority standards. Our experts also provide assistance to operators in planning and executing corrective actions as a result of non-conformities arising from internal or external quality audits.

ADG also has extensive experience and can provide assistance in the technical processes related to aircrafts entering or leaving the operator’s fleet.

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Engineering & Design (DOA)

ADG offers a wide range of engineering and design technical services for a large variety of Helicopter, Turboprop and Commercial aircraft both narrow and wide body. While providing these services, we also are continuously improving our engineering work and design through the operation and the needs of our customers.

ADG has been awarded EASA, DOA approval No. 21J.675

We know our customer-oriented mentality, for quick response and the flexibility to adjust the services to their specific needs, and therefore ADG can offer variety of design engineering and technical service.

  • Layout of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA Changes)
  • Emergency Equipment Layout (EEL Changes)
  • Aircraft Livery Design, Drawings and Mandatory Markings (Livery Changes)
  • Variety of minor modifications/changes
  • Galley changes or modifications
  • Carpets and curtains
  • Seat cushions and covers
  • Placards both customized and mandatory
  • Communication Systems Indicating
  • Alerting Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Surveillance Systems
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Aircraft Maintenance & Consulting

ADG offers together with various of our associated EASA Part-145 partners, large and small aircraft owners and operators a wide range of both maintenance and consultancy services including pre-purchase condition surveys, compliance certification, project managementm aircraft delivery/re-delivery and return from lease inspections.

Under this partnership, we can offer full line-maintenance support for the aircraft types listed on Scope of Approvals with our MRO partners.

Our team of highly trained professional have a wealth of ‘hands-on’ experience having held senior management positions in the aviation industry, and can provide flexible, proactive business and technical solutions ranging from maintenance, planning and financial management to aircraft inspections and safety audits.

Our focus is to provide first class maintenance and consultancy when managing your aircraft projects, delivering exceptional value for money, maintaining excellent standsards, while consistently delivering quality results to the customer

  • Pre-purchase condition surveys
  • Physical inspections & record reviews
  • Delivery/re-delivery for airlines & leasing companies
  • Maintenance visit work-scope development & supervision of checks
  • Design modifications, through kit supply & on-site supervision
  • Import/export surveys
  • EASA Camo Part M Subpart G Services
  • EASA Part 145 maintenance service
  • Reviewing contracts for buying or leasing of aircraft and for maintenance visits
  • Brokerage for both sale and purchase & aircraft lease
  • Heavy maintenance supervision
  • Document control reviews
  • Aircraft Maintenance Supervision
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Aircraft Teardown & Part Out

Aero Trading is a subsidiary of Aero Design Global (ADG) and its purpose is to facilitate an aircraft teardown and Part Out to aircraft which have reach their end of life in operation with airlines or aging aircrafts reaching their end of lease with the leasing companies.

Our team here at ADG are experienced in aircraft teardown. We have performed teardowns of many aircraft including Boeing 737, Dornier 328 and more aircraft in Indonesia at Curug airport with ANI MRO. The system we use (Gannet) has been developed to be applied to any aircraft type for controlling of/and tracking of parts and Back To Birth (BTB) of parts and components and LLP´s for major assys.

We also have available facility to park and store aircraft to allow additional sales to be realized through removal of parts not initially required in the teardown process.

We are also able to facilitate inspect and issuing of serviceable tags and certificate for these items in cooperation with our Part-145 partners with a dual release (EASA form 1 / FAA form 8130).

To ensure aircraft parts are removed in accordance with the standard procedure, we provide the component maintenance manuals associated with that aircraft type and individual part number and serial number, as noted on the aircraft equipment listing, giving the teardown facility the exact information to remove those parts correctly.

With around over a 1000 parts and components usually harvested from an aircraft, depending on aircraft type, that process takes an average, around a month from start date.